Opting for a Location Wedding


Think wedding and what comes to mind is a lot of love, laughter and happiness. A wedding is a joyous moment for the wedding couple and for friends and family. It is also the perfect time for friends to get-together and remember good times. An interesting wedding option is a location wedding where you and family can just get away from everyday life and be transported to a magical place for those few days. Location weddings require a scenic place, a place that is tranquil and fills the senses with beauty. In addition to wedding venue, you also want to have the right place to stay – a place that is as beautiful as the venue. Private Properties has been setting the industry standard for excellence in personalised short-stay holidays.

Some things to consider when searching for the location to host your wedding would be:

Amenites offered

Look for hidden costs on the amenities offered by the venue. You do not want a rude shock for you as well as your guests. It can be quite disappointing if basics are not covered in the mentioned costs and extras need to be paid .

Ease of Access

The location may be beautiful but if it is not easy to reach, it can leave the guests drained and tired and that may not be the best way to start the celebration. Check on driving distance,condition of roads, accessibility from the nearest airport etc. If there are any suggestions for the drive then it would be a good idea to put the same on the directions map, so that the guests have an idea where they can break journey or make small purchases, when driving to the location wedding.

Surrounding area

The venue is the most important, but it is also good check the surrounding area. Since you and your guests will be new to the location, it is a good idea to take a look around the surrounding area. For example a long drive to the destination wedding with nothing for miles may look breathtaking in the morning but may not be so appealing for those who drive in late to the wedding. Make sure the venue has enough signposts in place so that lost calls do not take up your precious time. 

Engagement Venues


An engagement is a time for connecting and enjoying. It is a time for relationships, joy and merriment. What better way to share love than with friends and family. An engagement party may not be as important as a wedding affair but nonetheless, it is an important occasion that will be remembered and cherished for years to come. Selecting a right place for hosting an engagement is very important both for your emotional well being and the well being of your guests. Factory 51 – Engagement Party Venue  include cocktail events, birthday parties, social functions, engagement parties and charity events.

Themed engagement parties can be a lot of fun. Themes end up connecting people together and help break the ice, especially on an occasion where not all the guests know each other very well. Take care to have a theme that is not difficult to incorporate and takes care of various age groups. An engagement party is bound to have people from different ages, so when selecting a theme keep the age of the guests in mind.

Signature style engagements provide an interesting option. Vintage affairs can create an air of nostalgia especially for the older generation. Signature style engagements also have a certain class and style about them that leaves behind lovely memories of the occasion. Again when looking at options, make sure you do not go overboard with the theme. There is a very thin line between an elegant display and a tacky display. Cocktails are a must at a cocktail party. There are three main approaches to serving drinks and each has merits.

A casual style engagement party leaves room for a lot of fun and relaxation. Make sure to set a party time that coordinates well with your budget. For example, if you only want to serve small bites, don’t host the event around a meal time. In a casual party, you can be as creative as you like when it comes to serving affordable meals like spaghetti and meatballs, hamburgers and munchies, and even a potato bar. A casual style party lets you get away without a dress code and that can be quite a relief both for the hosts and the guests.

Tips on Setting up a wedding venue


Got a beautiful scenic location that needs looking after. Not sure what to do with a huge sprawling area? Think about setting up a place for hosting wedding and other entertainment events. Besides the decor and overall layout, there are some basic areas that need to be addressed before using a place as an entertainment unit. The first most important step is to hire a commercial lawyer, to guide you and take you on the right path. Steinepreis Paganin Commercial Lawyers  principally provide advice to companies seeking a listing, listed companies, large private companies, investment banks, broking houses, high net worth investors and private equity firms on their general corporate and commercial matters.

The second important ground to cover, is to have all the legal permits in place. When it comes to entertainment, you need legal permits for the bar and the food. This depends a lot on how your business is registered – a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. If operating as a consultant, a sole proprietor may be the way to go. You will need to apply for a apply for a sales tax permit and federal tax ID and need an insurance policy. A local liquor license is a must. You would also require special permits specifying the maximum legal capacity and the time of night when they venue must close. If you plan to open a full-service reception hall, a food handler’s permit is required to serve food. You can apply for this type of permit by contacting your local public health department.

Last but not the least, look for hiring a good landscape architect. The venue requires sound, lighting and security systems. Most events may take place outside. Your capacity to let out the space will depend a lot on the look as well as sound, lighting and security systems. Simple things like adding a dance floor, accessibility to washrooms close to the garden, handling external noises, as well as space to accommodate a childrens play area, are some of the simple things that need to be considered. An experienced landscape architect will be able to guide you with the layout and planning.

Three things that stand in the way of good money management


We all earn money and we all love to spend what we earn. Somehow, the money seems to slip away as easily as it comes. Spending wisely is a trait that can be learned. To be able to manage money, a certain amount of goal setting and planning is required. Money management is not about hoarding money but more about channeling money to ensure you have enough to spend for your needs. Crown Money Mortgage Brokers specialises in debt and money management and focus is on educating customers to use their mortgages as a total wealth and savings management solution.

If you can get yourself to start an emergency fund, which is a fund as the the name suggests – for emergencies only and start to put away a certain amount of money every month, you get a good amount of money as a nest egg. This leaves you ore free to spend the rest of your earning on stuff you need for today, as the tomorrow is taken care of by the emergency fund. Take care that you do not dig into this fund. A sudden need to but a really

sought after item is not an emergency. Consider this more like a retirement fund. Once the money has been added, it should be forgotten about.

The next step managing money is to assess your average spend based on your earnings. See what is left with you as spending money and manage within the amount available. Do not add to your debt or credit bills by making more purchases. If you have spent a little too much on the card, dont kill yourself over it. Just go easy the next month. A few additional home-cooked meals will not kill you. In-fact, it may get you started on the path to good health.

Try and keep a small amount for yourself as indulgence no mater what your money budget is. This keeps you on the management path. If you constantly try and save and not spend, you will not last long. Allow yourself an occasional spend – this will help you identify what you really want and also to say no for things you dont really need or want. 

Using Microsoft dynamics ax for better business performance




Managing a business is such a Herculean task. It’s not just about getting the business and delivery of the project, but managing each and every department of he company. Putting all the processes in place is utmost important.  Be it the accounts department, the Human resource department, production or development department everything has to be managed well and well sorted. Many times companies hire special process managers who just deal in handling the processes. One so wishes if there could be this one system through which everything could be just perfectly managed. This is where Microsoft Dynamics AX comes to your rescue, which is enterprise resource planning software.


Microsoft Dynamics AX solution for all your business needs


The Microsoft Dynamics AX is a software solution for your business needs. Let’s take a run through as to what it can do for you.

  • It is your General Ledger which can manage all your taxes and accounts management and also all the bank managements dealing with cash management.
  • Second it can be your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software , where Business Relations- the customers, vendors, and leads their contacts and everything else can be maintained.
  • It can be your Inventory Manager, where the Inventory is valued and managed.
  • It can assist you in Master Planning of your project. Purchase of material, related software everything can be planned here.
  • It can be your Product Builder, where product models are created and maintained.
  • It is software to manage Human Resources, where all the employee data can be stored.
  • It can carry out your Project Accounting, where projects are created and tracked primarily from an accounting perspective
  • It can be an Administration Module, where system configuration is performed. Management of all projects, their allocation to teams and the entire sales and marketing can also be performed here.


The Microsoft software is one of the most widely preferred software due to the fact that most of the people are familiar with Microsoft interface. Thereby it becomes simple and easier to use and the employees are not required to be trained separately on it.  Thus, if you want to perfectly streamline your companies operations and want to have robust reporting tool whereby you can maintain strong connections with your employees customers and partners then this the software which you are looking for.







Five reasons to shift to an ERP Software


Erp software

There are a few people who believe in taking risks in life and like to work on their own terms. This kind of thought line is very important and is the brainchild for the beginning of a new business or a company.  One needs to have this adventurous streak and the guts to take risks. However the good part is that off late there is a spurt in people becoming entrepreneurs and it opens up avenues for others as well to work.


For a company to work cohesively as a team is very essential.  It helps in the company in delivering the project well in time to the client and at the same time leaves a very good impression about the company. A well sorted company is something which every client wants and thus gives a very good name to the company and a good clientele surely. Thus it’s very important that all the departments work in tandem with each other at all times. This helps in faster and hassle free completion of projects. To further streamline the company processes Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) software comes to the company’s assistance.  Let’s discuss the 5 main benefits by incorporating the ERP software:


#1. The entire company comes under this one software. All the departments can be accessed through this system and their functioning at every stage of the project can be easily tracked.


#2. The entire data regarding the project is available in this one portal. Thus anybody at any stage can access this data and thus time lost in communication and data entry time is saved as whatever data is entered at one stage is available for everyone to view.


#3. Regular and updated dissemination of data is available through the software. Whatever modifications are happening on the project is available for everyone to view so that the work happening on the project does not get delayed.


#4. It provides more accountability and accessibility at all times to the company and the employees who are working on the project and also the client as well. He’s well aware of what is happening on the project at any given time.


#5. With ERP you are able to preempt the future problems that might come on the project and thus you are able to plan according well in advance as well.

The best aspect about using the software is the fact that it automates the system completely and thus provides monetary savings as well in terms of manual accountability and processes.  This is the software of today and tomorrow, all one needs to do is proper and optimal utilization of the same for the company.