Tips on Setting up a wedding venue


Got a beautiful scenic location that needs looking after. Not sure what to do with a huge sprawling area? Think about setting up a place for hosting wedding and other entertainment events. Besides the decor and overall layout, there are some basic areas that need to be addressed before using a place as an entertainment unit. The first most important step is to hire a commercial lawyer, to guide you and take you on the right path. Steinepreis Paganin Commercial Lawyers  principally provide advice to companies seeking a listing, listed companies, large private companies, investment banks, broking houses, high net worth investors and private equity firms on their general corporate and commercial matters.

The second important ground to cover, is to have all the legal permits in place. When it comes to entertainment, you need legal permits for the bar and the food. This depends a lot on how your business is registered – a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. If operating as a consultant, a sole proprietor may be the way to go. You will need to apply for a apply for a sales tax permit and federal tax ID and need an insurance policy. A local liquor license is a must. You would also require special permits specifying the maximum legal capacity and the time of night when they venue must close. If you plan to open a full-service reception hall, a food handler’s permit is required to serve food. You can apply for this type of permit by contacting your local public health department.

Last but not the least, look for hiring a good landscape architect. The venue requires sound, lighting and security systems. Most events may take place outside. Your capacity to let out the space will depend a lot on the look as well as sound, lighting and security systems. Simple things like adding a dance floor, accessibility to washrooms close to the garden, handling external noises, as well as space to accommodate a childrens play area, are some of the simple things that need to be considered. An experienced landscape architect will be able to guide you with the layout and planning.

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